Nike Air Force 1 MX ID By Adam Sofa – Part 2

Adam Sofa’s first Nike Air Force 1 MX iD was a huge success, drawing inspiration from the Nike Air Yeezy in Black and Pink, Adam created one of the best looking Air Force 1 iD’s we’ve seen to date. Now he’s back with another pair of AF1 MX iD’s created via an iChat session with the Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer crew. For those of you who remember Adam’s first pair of AF1 iD’s, you might remember that he has limb girdle muscular dystrophy which meant he had to use iChat in order to create his pair of AF1 iD’s. For Adam’s second pair of Air Force 1 MX iD’s he looked to his two wheelchair scooters as sources of inspiration for the shoes. via 21 Mercer

The inspiration behind this design was based off of what helps me accomplish my daily tasks, my scooter wheelchairs. It all started when my main scooter that I use broke down on me. It left me not being able to go anywhere for a good 2 weeks. This sparked me to design a shoe after them (my scooters) because I never realized how important they play in my mobility on an every-day basis.”

I have 2 main scooters. One that I use around the house, and one that I load up in my van to go out and do my daily tasks. One is glossy red, and the other is glossy blue which explains the patent swoosh, sole and sock liner of the shoe. They grey suede represents the tires of the scooter. My tires are the same shade of grey so it played in perfect and suede is a strong material that takes a beating, and the tires of my scooters are made of a very strong rubber and are solid fill so they are the strongest stuff on the shelf. Finally the clear “ice” midsole, something I’ve always loved.