VANS Vault – Spring 2010 – Surf Shaka Pack

Some themes inevitably pop up every summer just because they are weather appropriate– safari, nautical and sorts. However, even though the surfing has always been a big part of the summer fanfare, the hang ten culture never quite made it to the summer fashions. 2010 promises something different, as surf motifs pop up everywhere on the run way, and traditional surf brands such as Maui and Sons have been slowly making a comeback onto the fashionable side of the industry since 2008. Tapping into the spotlight surf culture is starting to enjoy more, VANS Vault has created a casual Surf Shaka Pack which salutes the “Aloha Spirit” through classic silhouettes of the Slip-Ons and Eras. The cartoon hand contorted in the Shaka sign is created as a character riding waves and sprawls all over the canvas shoe uppers and insoles. The shoes comes in two colorways, blue on white and a more colorful purple/lime on orange. The chill Surf Shaka Pack will be hitting VANS Vault retailers soon, spreading the good feelings of the all versatile Shaka sign to its wearers. via: HS