Adidas SLVR – Spring/Summer 2010 – Hi Top Sneakers

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adidas SLVR is a relatively young creation from adidas, yet its simple, innovative styles have already garnered a loyal following. adidas SLVR reaches the niche between fans of avant-garde Y-3 and energetic casual adidas Originals, with a quiet sense of sophistication and understanding for the busy, modern lifestyle. The streamlined designs rid of excess with clean shapes and strong silhouettes won the hearts of many who hope for the comfort of sportswear without sacrificing refined elegance.

Two successful seasons later, adidas SLVR embarks on its third season, Spring/Summer 2010, armed with the same decrees for functional elegance and applied it to the collection. The Spring/Summer 2010 sneakers continue to survey monochromatic shades of classic black and white with the SLVR signature gun metal silver grey, with just a pop of color from a subdued purple. The line-up of hi-top sneakers also play with SLVR’s penchant for mixing materials by contrasting sleek nylon upper with soft suede panels. In other cases, perforated leather with smooth grain leather; mesh nylon with suede and grain leather; groove patterned silver leather with matching smooth panels.The top lace eyelets are interesting design points as its organic cut-out plastic hardware is redolent of natural elements such as sponges and bubbles. The sneakers embody a slimmer silhouette as compared to signature adidas Originals numbers such as the Superstar, and offer a understated sense of luxury with simplicity and an eye for detail. The shoes are due to hit adidas SLVR stores very soon in February, so stay tuned for other footwear models and apparel to come from the line. images via: HS