Grand Opening x PUMA – L.E.S. Cup 2010

After three months of ferocious competition at Lower East Side’s PONG (a single table ping pong parlor revived three months ago for its third iteration to provide the neighborhood with a healthy dose of competition and entertainment), the culmination of the pop-up ping pong venture ends in the grand L.E.S. Cup 2010. The L.E.S. Cup 2010 is a joint effort between creative agency Grand Opening and PUMA. The L.E.S. Cup is not just a neighborhood table tennis championship, but also a project aimed at helping to bring the community together regardless of whether one can execute a deadly backhand.

As the top ping pong players from the Lower East Side vie for the trophy and fulfilling sense of sweet victory, all interested in supporting the players or simply enjoying a fun night of furious serves. smashes and chops can purchase tickets to attend the event. The event doesn’t simply provide entertainment and an opportunity to yell at the top of one’s lungs, but also comes with stadium seating, fresh beats from DJs, even fresher remarks from commentators, and the highlight– a staffed bar.

The L.E.S. Cup will be held on Jan. 23 at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center on none other than the Lower East Side. Stash your Balls of Fury guilty pleasure DVD, stop living vicariously through Dan Fogler and Maggie Q and book your tickets via Grand Opening for some much needed live speed drive action.