(capsule) x Moleskine Limited Edition Book Set

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As the tradeshow season arrives, one of the premier contemporary shows in the industry, (capsule) has teamed up with legendary notebook design company Moleskine on a special edition book set. The set features a planner, as well as a sketchbook, both wrapped in a belly band featuring artwork by German artist Tina Berning, who is the featured (capsule) artist this season. The books are debossed with the following: “A useful (capsule) Moleskine book for notes, contacts, flight times, asterisks, business cards, sketches, parentheses, good and bad ideas, poems, forecasts, quotes, first drafts, zigzags, lyrics, storyboards, swatches, equations, web addresses, exclamation points, photos, secrets and plans.” Only 250 pieces of the set have been made and will be given to featured (capsule) designers, as well as members of the show’s advisory board.

For those interested in attending, (capsule) looks to launch at three premier locations this season, including Paris (Jan. 22-24), New York (Jan 18-29 & 22-23), and Las Vegas (Feb 16-17). Further information regarding the (capsule) Tradeshow can be found via its official website.

Photo: Brendan Bass