CASIO G-SHOCK 2010 Releases

A new set of CASIO G-SHOCKs release upcoming based on the round-shaped DW-6900. The watch capsule features a number of bright offerings which include colorful LCD screens. Colors include blue, red, black and silver. Look for these to hit your local CASIO G-SHOCK dealer sometime in the near future.

CASIO G-SHOCK GA-100 “Three-Eye”

CASIO G-SHOCK update their roster of watches with the unveiling of an all new style, the GA-100 “Three-Eye”.While the “Three-Eye” approach isn’t a new one from CASIO G-SHOCK, the GA-100 is an update to the design. The watch features a large sized bezel with a combination of both traditional analog time-telling as well as two digital displays. The first series of GA-100s include a blacked out version, a white/blue version and a black/red version.