(Capsule) New York Men’s – Spring 2010

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Majority of the recent economic reports have predicted 2010 as the year of recovery as most of world’s economies climb from near-apocalypse collapse. Several key indicators already have pointed to a year of modest growth. These include the attendance of trade shows and exhibition circuit, with one such being(capsule) New York Men’s Spring 2010, which opened its door early this morning.


Through the careful development from its organizer, New York City-base creative agency BPMW, the(capsule) trade show has more than doubled in capacity since its creation 2 years ago. It spun off several equally important fashion/retail entities in Paris and Las Vegas, along with Compass, a footwear trade show coming to New York next month. And this season, for the first time, (capsule) will be initiating a new focus on Women’s Wear with (capsule) Women’s trade show in the coming month.

In addition, (capsule) New York Men’s expanded and added new venues this season to accommodate some 130+ labels in the progressive men’s fashion market. While the original site at Lower East Side’sAngel Orensanz Foundation remains, BPMW also included a exhibition hall several blocks away at the Puck Building in SoHo. For ease of visitation to both venues, a complementary ride via 2 Cadillac Escalade SUVs shuttle between round the clock.

If you are a retailer and in New York City for Market/Trade Show Week this week, stop by (capsule) New York Men’s – Spring 2010 at Angel Orensanz Foundation. SEE HERE FOR BRAND LISTING

(capsule) New York Men’s – Spring 2010
Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street | Map
New York, NY 10002