FUJITSU X BAPE – FMV-BIBLIO LOOX U Netbook | Available Now

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A little over a month ago, a collaboration between FUJITSU and BAPE was announced. The Japanese label worked with electronics maker, FUJITSU, to put the iconic BAPE Camouflage print on the latter’s popular netbook, FMV- BIBLIO LOOX U. While little information were available for the specs a month ago, the ultra portable device is now available for order on FUJITSU’s webshop. In terms of aesthetics, the hipper-than-your-average-gadget netbook is available in two colorways, the BAPE CAMO GREEN and BAPE CAMO BLACK. As for the heart of the gadget, the netbook powers on Intel’s tiny mighty, the fast yet energy efficient Atom processor. One can customize and choose from three speeds (the 1.33 GHz Z520, 1.6 GHz Z530 and the 2.0 GHz Z550). In terms of platform, one can select Windows XP or the recently released Windows 7; storage wise, the netbook comes in 30G and 62G. While the iPhone and Droid has seemed to make totting laptops around obsolete to internet usage, a netbook is a nice compromise between the hefty laptop and tiny phone. Want to stay connected while looking good without sacrificing your eyesight, BAPE style? The FMV can be ordered via the FUJITSU Webmart.