Gorillaz – Stylo Ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack | Video

Bragging rights are hard to come by. But when you have an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records, Grammy nominations and multiple platinum, you would have every legitimate right to put your hands up and say, “I’m the Most Successful Virtual Band!”. At least that’s what UK virtual band, Gorillaz, would say. The animated rock stars have returned to the music scene after a period of staying dormant, with a third studio album, Plastic Beach. While the album is due to release early in March, a preview of the album has been released on the internet in the form of their latest song, Stylo, featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack. 2D, Murdoc, Russel and Noodle are back with heavy beats, bass, electric tunes and haunting vocals. Just like every other Gorillaz album we loved, the new tracks promises good times that makes you just want to kick back, lounge and take a mental trip with the band. Check out their latest track and stay tuned for the album release. For those who are hoping to see the band live, Gorillaz will be the headlining for Coachella’s closing night this year, so click on over to their site and grab tickets.