Undefeated x Converse Poorman Weapons (Navy Colorway)

Undefeated collaborated with Converse on a Poormans Weapon that first caused a riot back in January of last year in the black/caution orange colorway. Just when everyone thought it was over, the UNDFTD team turned May in MAYHEM when they released the second installment in their signature olive green/caution orange colorscheme.

Now the co-brands are back for a three-peat with the Navy/caution orange colorway that is sure to do the same, if not more frenzy! Carrying much of the same aesthetics as the previous releases, the next installment is accompanied by Flight Helmet Bag and MA-1 Flight Jacket. UNDFTD x Converse are planning their global surgical (release) strike January 29th, 2010. HS put together a proper Q and A with Eddie Cruz and Ian Ginoza, Undefeated’s co-owner and Converse’ product designer.