Stussy x Ricoh GRIII Photography Feature

The Ricoh GR camera has a long history within Stussy’s roots. From the late 90’s onto today, the GR’s stealth design, easy-carry pocket size and ability to capture all the grit of the streets has made the GR an icon within our culture. In celebration of the Stussy x GRIII Digital camera collaboration, Stussy wanted to share the GRIII’s capabilities by way of creation, so they gave 10 photographer friends the GRIII to shoot what they see and feel. Participating artists include: Angela Boatwright, Kenneth Cappello, Reggie Casagrande, Josh Cheuse, Atiba Jefferson, Tyrone Lebon, Ari Marcopoulos, Juan Puente, Peter Sutherland and Rip Zinger. Photos from Atiba Jefferson & Angela Boatwright can be seen below.