Supra x LOST Vaider Hi Package

In preparation for the premiere of the final season of LOST tonight, Supra got together with ABC for an exclusive collaboration. 50 pairs of an exclusive “LOST” Vaider were produced and given to cast and crew of the show except for a small run of 17 pairs that will be available to LOST and Supra fans exclusively through FACTORY413 later this afternoon. The Supra x LOST package comes complete with a pair of “LOST” Vaiders in White & Gold Crackle, an “Expose” crew mug, and a numbered copy of an original LOST script signed by writiers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

The theme around the project was centered on the program “Expose” – a fictional program that appears numerous times throughout the LOST series as a show-wihin-the-show. In true LOST tradition, the shoes are covered in clues and references taken from the episode in which Expose first appears (the 14th episode of the third season – hence the 17 pairs releasing today). From the “Razzle Dazzle” on the heel to the “paralyzing” insole, fans of the series will be sure to understand the meaning of all the subtle hints included in the shoe’s construction.