SuYoon – Fall/Winter 2010 – Photoshoot Ft. DJ Clark Kent & Neil Armstrong | Video

SUYOON FW10 PHOTOSHOOT Hi-Res from SuYoon on Vimeo.

For the ladies, sportswear and fashion often exist in a dichotomous relationship, and regardless of various valiant attempts by labels and brands both established and upcoming to fuse both, the delicate balance remains difficult to achieve. In comes SuYoon, a fresh fashion lifestyle label launching in Fall 2010 which attempts to juxtapose and balance the battle of street and luxury, masculinity and sexiness. The label aims to fuse fashion with clean, functional aesthetics of sportswear athleticism and refine classic woman’s footwear silhouettes with sporty details. For instance, sculptural pumps are created with premium leather and padded with EVA rubber inserts; over-the-knee boots are lined with knee pads; and other details spotted on sneakers such as pull-tabs and color-blocking provide just the right masculine touch to provocative heels. Bringing a world of “laid-back” comfort to the evolutionary world of female footwear is not an easy task, but SuYoon walks at its own pace without succumbing to trends and fads. Aside from footwear, the collection also comes with a small capsule collection of unisex bags which share materials and design aesthetics of the footwear collection. For its debut season, the label has enlisted the help of famed DJs, DJ Clark Kent and Neil Armstrong to make a cameo appearance in a simple video of chicks stripped down to bare essentials and rocking sexy kicks. Check out the video, enjoy the soundtrack (Comme Un Boomerang by Feist) and ladies, and also be sure pay the site a visit.