EXILE ID X BAPE – First Release

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BAPE has partnered up with popular Japanese pop group, EXILE to create two capsule collections of collaborative items. EXILE had just merged with J Soul Brothers last March to become a 14-member group and had recently released their first studio album last December, of which they have won the Grand Prix Award for their song, “Someday” at the 51st Japan Record Awards. In this first release, the members of EXILE are stripped of some of their tough vibes and given a kawaii (cute) Baby Milo makeover. The fourteen group members are incorporated into two caricature tees, one with EXILE members standing in rank and file and another has them camouflaged in the crowd. Aside from two tees, there is also an EXILE iD sticker featuring graphics on one of the tees. The first release is now available online at the EXILE iD shop. So if you are feeling these, it’s not too soon to grab a piece and do stay tuned for the second release to come soon! via: NIGO

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