EASTPAK X Christopher Shannon – Spring/Summer 2010 Collection | Available Now

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Last fall, up-and-coming British designer Christopher Shannon took sportswear to a refreshing level and fluidity with a bold prints, cheeky concepts and an innovative mix of materials. Going along with the retro futuristic and mixing sci-fi with a little late 90s Versace opulence in polyester shell track pieces, and an interesting layering of trompe l’oeil chain-printed tees with matching pants and stark white pieces, Christopher Shannon throws in added doses of high street urban comfort with Reebok Hi-tops and a collaborative collection of accessories done with EASTPAK.

EASTPAK is renowned for its innovative and durable luggage and day pack collections, and has been a strong staple for travelers, students and athletes alike. For the past few years, EASTPAK has been stepping outside the comfortzone of outdoor and sporting products and injected a refreshing dose of energy with progressive, contemporary designs. Some designers the label has worked with include Raf Simons, and now Christopher Shannon is enlisted onboard with the EASTPAK special collections crew.

The collaborative collection debuted last year at London Fashion Week in September, and it reinterprets some of EASTPAK’s most iconic shapes such as the Padded Pak’r and Pinnacle through Christopher Shannon’s creative lenses. The color-blocked collection follows the same aesthetics as his Spring/Summer 2010 collection in a pale and light-washed palette of blues, greys and whites, highly reminiscent of the azure summer sea and sky. A captivating fludity which appears in the light, swaying linen shirts and voluminous trousers parallels the shiny, liquid quality on the bags (made possible with an innovative patent sheen).

The collection is now available worldwide at select stores, so those who have caught sight of the bags last season and could not wait to get their hands on a new pack to replace the trusty albeit slightly tired black canvas packs, switch out the somber for some calming blues at EASTPAK retailers near you.