Exhibit A & Free Sneakers from Richmond Hood Company

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 Coming this March, In honor of St.Patrick and the Irish, we’re going to make a Lucky [email protected]#k out of some dude or dude-ette. How you may ask? He or She will win a free pair of sneakers every month for the rest of 2010. Winner need not be Irish, Interested in FREE KICKS? Of course you are!


It was Just before dawn & The walls were finally dried & ready for their respective pieces. Early afternoon we started hanging the 4 pieces Demetrius dropped off. By 4:30 pm half of the space @ 821 Castleton Ave was covered with canvas, plenty of paint & plenty of colors. Later in the evening when everyone retired from the space Emiliana (Nani Castle) would begin her installation. The entire floor was covered with Nani’s work. Kind of reminded me of the floor @ the Art Cypher in Stapleton. Its your canvas Nani, get busy sista! Soon enough the sweet aroma & hiss from the spray cans began to fill the room. Few hours of hammering & drilling Emiliana turned a piece of Castleton Ave into Nani Castletown. The exhibit will be here til mid march. Please come by and check out the wonderful works of two extremely talented Staten Island artist. 

Below are some photos from the opening reception for Exhibit A: