UNDFTD x Gourmet “Quattro” Sneaker Photoshoot

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The “Quattro” sneaker is a collaboration between two of Los Angles’ most prominent and renowned brands Gourmet and UNDFTD. The shoe primarily features a monochrome white linen printed full grain leather upper with an embossed UNDFTD logo. The result from this collaboration is a shoe that exudes both luxury and the casual elements of both brands. 4 pairs of laces in the colors red, black, white and royal blue are included with the sneakers.

The sneakers are now available at all Undefeated chapters and select US retailers while the worldwide release will be on February 22nd.

undftd gourmet quattro photoshoot 2 UNDFTD x Gourmet Quattro Sneaker Photoshoot

undftd gourmet quattro photoshoot 3 UNDFTD x Gourmet Quattro Sneaker Photoshoot