Nike Air Max BW GEN II Black/White

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Nike bw 2nd gen navy

Take note, the Nike Air BW Gen II is starting to trickle into Nike accounts worldwide. This revision of the original Nike Air Max BW (big window) is something to talk about. With a new midsole and added Torch technology, this Classic takes a turn into the future of running technology and modern sportswear.

Nike bw 2nd gen navy2

At first look, the first thing that comes to mind when you see the above image is “What’s up with the Mesh”. This is Nike’s new innovation called Torch. The Technology, which has a honeycomb design throughout the underneath layer, is consistent of a lightweight fabric that manages moisture, enables a new shape, and form. It has a three-layer textile that is suppose to be very comfortable. The other benefit is that, with this material, they will be able to adapt numerous midsoles to it. Making the Torch capable of owning any shoe design Nike has to offer. Expect to see Torch on other shoes in the future (Air Maxim and Rejuven8 Mid have received the Torch treatment already).

This black colorway that is subtle, clean and keeps you away from all that is going on with the shoe, is dropping now at select Nike accounts. You can start withCaliroots and Size?. These should be dropping in the States any day now.

Box Price: $120

Nike bw 2nd gen navy5

Nike bw 2nd gen navy7