PUMA Phone

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In a market where every new phone released aims to take down the iPhone, the PUMA Phone created bySagem runs on the wild side, doing it’s own fun thing and is set to win over fans who do enjoy entertainment and apps in their phones but are also looking something that is simple and fun.

The PUMA phone boasts a sporty side and a fun side, bundled with specialized apps and happy graphics that make even the dull stuff like adjusting brightness not so dull (Dragging a cloud closer to the sun? So much cooler than just clicking frantically on the “+” sign.) The PUMA phone is set with sports related applications such as an analogue stopwatch, GPS run tracker, GPS bike speedo, a pedometer and even a yachting compass. For the fun side, social media apps such as twitter, facebook are all a part of the phone. Some other quirky new additions include icon messaging, a sarcastic calculator and a turntable one can actually scratch on.

Like your favorite phones out there, the PUMA phone comes with a full touch screen tablet and is equipped with a decent 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash (better than most Blackberry cameras). The best geeky detail for this phone? The phone comes with a dreamy solar cell panel which eliminates the hassle of chargers and dying batteries outdoors. An hour in the light will give your phone an additional 15 minutes of talk time and 2 hours of music playback. Not too shabby considering you can be charging the phone all day as long as it is in the light.

Not convinced yet? Will an virtual pet PUMA named Dylan win you over? Check out pictures of the phone and find out more about the PUMA phone experience on the PUMA Phone microsite. The phone is set to launch in 43 days in Europe, and if the phone does well, there is a chance that it will speed on over stateside. Sure this may not be the iPhone, but there is a certain charm about the PUMA phone’s playfulness and user-friendly simplicity. Certainly shaking up the game a little, this will be a great new gadget for the PUMA sports fans. images via: Engadget

PUMA Phone