Maestro Knows – MK(13) T-Shirt Release @ Reed Space | Event Recap

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Maestro- Reed Space022110_26
Reed Space, Jeff Staple’s Lower East Side shopping destination for all things cool-infused, has been bustling lately. After hosting the very successful launch for LA MJC’s All Gone 2009, the space played house for prodigious videographer, Maestro Knows. As most fans are aware by now, Maestro Knows has collaborated with renowned photographer 13th Witness to create the MK(13) tee featuring none other than Maestro himself. The tee had been launched at various stores over the past few weeks starting with H-Town Sneaker Summit in Houston, Texas. Last Saturday, the tee finally hit NYC and attracted a large crowd who came out to support both Maestro and 13th Witness, who met, greeted and signed. Check out photos by Zack Mctee from the event and live vicariously through them if you weren’t able to attend.
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