Bodega x Converse Poorman Weapon


Bodega and Converse have once again joined forces – this time to re-imagine the Poorman Weapon as a sophisticated beast yet unseen by the world. Transforming the original silhouette into a super high-top that can be worn rolled down, the focus of this project was to achieve harmony between the chosen materials. An extra high refined waxed canvas upper is paired with a supple deerskin lining to make this Poorman’s Weapon seem not quite so poor. The natural properties of deerskin leather shine with its extremely high strength and resistance to abrasion. Generally used for motorcycle gloves, deerskin’s unique fiber structure keeps you cool at high noon and warm as night falls. The charcoal colorway keeps this forward thinking shoe toned down, while a gusseted tongue and waxed laces combined with the leather’s inherent water repellent qualities keep it an all weather shoe.

A release is set for Saturday, March 13th at Bodega. The shoe will come in a custom ballistic nylon case lined with shearling. An etched flask will be included for those over 21 years of age. This pack retails for $120 USD, is limited to 100 sets and contains all the elements necessary for surviving the long winter and wet spring.

6 Clearway Street
Boston, MA 02115