Reebok – Respect Pack II

Reebok   Respect Pack II


Reebok released the Respect back previously to pay homage to classic sneaker models that were equipped with Reebok’s revolutionary Pump System. Now the second installment of the Respect pack will launch and this time Pump Running Dual has been the inspiration for Insta Pump Fury, Pump Omni Lite and Court Victory Pump styles.

The color combination can only be described as typical 90’s style with a unusual color combination and little bit of loudness. Each sneaker takes on a different appearance by using same key colors in various dosage. Pump Omni Lite is gray with purple, pink and white accents while Court Victory Pump is predominantly purple with pink and white details and lastly the Insta Pump Fury uses 50% gray and 50% white with purple and pink highlights. All items will be available late March and atmos is currently taking pre orders for keen fans.