Nike Taiwan “Just Do It” 2010 Campaign | Teaser Video

Nike’s beloved classic slogan “Just Do It” is a commercial rarity that had successfully taken on a philosophical meaning despite its commercial origins, and is now more so a cornerstone motto for many than just a tagline. This year, Nike Taiwan refreshes its “Just Do It” campaign and brings the importance of perseverance and sportsmanship back into the picture. The campaign follows Taiwanese local athletes through their training, hardship and failures which led to their eventual triumph with undying perseverance. Check out the teaser video of athletes who had not only changed their lives but had also changed the game for all those who aspire the same path. This teaser video serves as a prelude to the full campaign which is set to launch on April 1. The full campaign promises to reveal the stories behind these local Taiwanese athletes who have made and are making a difference, so do stay tuned for more!