The Hundreds “Etcetera”

the hundreds etcetera 1 The Hundreds Etcetera
The Hundreds “Etcetera” line features lifestyle items inspired by The Hundreds’ apparel design. The Etcetera line is to be expanded this week, with a new selection of goods being added to the collection, including the aptly named Mug, starring long-time Hundreds character Adam Bomb; the equally aptly named Hand Towel, a 26″ long towel featuring a full color Adam print; Pillow, a 15″ x 15″ square cushion with a white Adam print; and finally, the Swap Watch, a vintage-inspired plastic watch which comes packaged in a tin with four interchangeable wrist bands. All new Etcetera items are available this Thursday at LA and SF stores.
the hundreds etcetera 3 The Hundreds Etcetera
the hundreds etcetera 4 The Hundreds Etceterathe hundreds etcetera 2 The Hundreds Etcetera