Adidas Originals – Spring/Summer 2010 – Hero Film

Welcome to the adidas Originals neighborhood! To officially kick start Spring/Summer 2010, adidas Original launched its seasonal campaign with “The Street Where Originality Lives” and some of the residents of the block include celebrated personalities around the world such as Ciara, Taiwanese singer/songwriter Cheer Chen, Korean pop-sensation Hyori Lee, Snoop Dogg , Jeremy Scott, Calle 13, DJ Neil Armstrong and  David Beckham. The Spring/Summer 2010 campaign champions that in the adidas Originals neighborhood, creativity and originality lives through all despite their skill sets, talents and specialties. Check out the video which is the block parties with possibly the coolest list of attendees. Be a part of the adidas Originals neighborhood (which is literally possible with the new AR pack) and check out the campaign film!