Parra x Patta Nike Air Max 1 NSW 21 Mercer Recap

Yesterday was the release of the Nike x Parra x Patta Air Max 1 at Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer. With much hype around the shoe, many were already camping the day prior without even knowing if the shoe would officially drop. TSG Vagrant was there to capture a few pictures of the release. That wasn’t the only thing I walked away with…

It was a pretty hectic morning and afternoon. There were many people already there when yours truly arrived around 10:30 am (Mercer opens at 11:oo am). With no idea if the shoe would release today, chance and luck were the words for the day. Below is a small pictorial of the event. At the end, 41 pairs were sold through a raffle and the rest is history.

-Vagrant S.-