Manhattan Records X Santastic! – Manhattan Records 30th Anniversary T-Shirts

Manhattan Records x Santastic!   Manhattan Records 30th Anniversary T Shirts

Manhattan Records in Tokyo have been an institution that have been striving to bring in fresh music into Japan for around three decades. They primarily concentrate on Hip Hop, R&B and House music along with related items. It might not be extreme to say that without them the scene would not be what it is today in Tokyo.

To celebrate the 30 years in business Manhattan Records have gotten together with the most famous cartoonist who push the boundaries of street life, Santa Inoue. Inoue was the first of his kind in the world of manga to bring street elements and his Tokyo Tribe series is a hit in Japan and around the world.

For this occasion they have chosen to use the illustration of the main characters Kai, Hashim and Mera. A simple single tone largely printed on the front of the t-shirt in blue which reflect the Manhattan Records’ logo.