SneakerPetPeeves at TSG

We all have pet peeves, right? So that means we all have a few pet peeves when it comes to sneakers and the sneaker culture. Come on, you can think of at least one pet peeve. Well, to make things easier, we added a few examples after the jump that might be a pet peeve in your book. However, we just wanted to get the ball rolling, so PLEASE feel free to share your pet peeves with everyone. If you use twitter, randomly tweet throughout the day the funniest pet peeves from this post by using #SneakerPetPeeves on twitter

1.) Campouts

You didn’t always have to sleep outside for a pair of limited edition kicks, but nowadays this process is expected with all super limited sneaker releases.

2.) Fat Joe Sneaker Lick

If you don’t like it, blame it on Fat Joe. It’s funny how licking sneakers became the “cool thing” to do with deadstock/brand new (hopefully, never worn) sneakers.

3.) The Reseller

You may not like them, but let’s be honest, you NEED them. Maybe not everyone, but resellers come in handy at times. It’s just a hard pill to swallow knowing she/he paid $150 but their “Buy It Now” price is $700 plus free shipping. Ouch!


4.) The First Commenter that says “1st!”

We’ve all seen this before. Why is it that you have to let everyone know that you’re first? Are you that slow? What’s really sad is they usually don’t have anything else to say except, “1st!”.

5.) Deadstock Sneakers

Is it really that serious? Well, some people just don’t like deadstock sneakers for one reason or another. Sneakers are meant to be worn…true. However, who are you tell the next person what to do with their kicks? Nonetheless, this very well might be one of your sneaker pet peeves


6.) Fakes

Fake sneakers are without a doubt everyone’s #1 sneaker pet peeve.

7.) Mark Ups

We all have a local shop that marks up highly sought after releases. Some shops even jack up the prices on regular non-hype releases. Shame on you.

8.) Celebrity Sneakerheads

For some reason, celebrity sneakerheads catch a lot of heat from sneakerheads and sneaker lovers. Maybe it’s because they get free kicks, like to brag, or give themselves titles that rub you the wrong way

9.) Sneakers & Skinny Jeans

Remember, it’s all about what YOU like, but some people hate sneakers & skinny jeans. With that said, if the shoe pants fit, just make sure your comfy.

10.) The Hypebeast

They are known for following the hype, even if they don’t like the sneaker. They usually buy into the hype hoping it will make them cool. If you want to know how to be a hypebeast, watch the video and take notes.