Nike Air Max 1 iD “Summer 2010” Options

Here comes the next options for the number one selling Nike iD, the iconic Air Max 1. Since the introduction of the AM1 back in November, we received one update with the Spring Options in December 2009. Fast forward 3 months and it’s time for another update to the existing palette with the Summer ‘10 Options. On top of that, we will have some interesting news on a possible future option.

For the Summer Options, Nike will bring in four new colors and add them to the current palette of seventeen colors. Here is a break down of what materials will come in these hues;

Team Orange: This color will be for the suede and sock liner sections. Unfortunately, we will not get a mesh option for this color, or any color for that matter, on this update. Hopefully, with any future updates, we will get another mesh color added to the palette.

Lilac: This will only be for the suede parts of the iD. No Sock liner option.

Blue Dusk: Another pigment for the suede parts and sock liner only.

Neptune Blue: The only reflective (3M) color added this time around. It will also be available for the sock liner.

Splatter Update: Neptune Blue is the only color added to this option.

Lace Colors: All of them will be available for the laces.

So, there you have it. A total of 21 colors when these four new ones get released. Expect the Summer Options to drop this coming Thursday, April 1st 2010

Box price: $125

FORECAST: What else is coming?

One question that is very popular is “What’s the difference between the Studio and the Online iD builder?“.  I explained the benefits of the studio on the Spring Optionspost. But still, one wonders if Nike could make exclusive studio options like they have in the past. Well, there has been talk about in-store-only studio options. Basically, there would be a different area in the studio where you can build an iD with these alternative materials and colors. Don’t jump up for joy just yet. If it does happen, it will be a different palette all together. That means that anything used on the existing Air Max 1 iD builder, may not be available for the exclusive studio builder.

The In-Studio Options will be premium materials to boot. An example is the use of a gum-sole (how many people just said, “Heck Yeah”?). Also, it looks as if most ofthe Nike Sportswear line will get this possible feature. Stay tuned for further news on this development and up-and-coming pictures of the swatches for the Summer Options.

-Vagrant S.-