GQ: 10 Secrets to Affordable Style with Street Etiquette

Quickly climbing the ranks of influential fashion personalities, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the focus of GQ’s recent ongoing “10 Secrets to Affordable Style” feature. The tandem who make up Street Etiquette share the bargain stories behind their outfits with the details seen below.

Joshua Kissi (left)
“Got it off eBay for $100. The $495 J.Crew price tag was still on it. It’s one of the gems of my closet—I’ll have it for life.”

“I paid $29.50 for it at Uniqlo.”

“It’s Tommy Hilfiger. I got it at a thrift store for $3.”

“Wooden bracelets are one of our trademarks. I don’t wear watches, and this is something different that feels manly.”

“This Tanner Goods belt started out a totally different color. I’ve been breaking it in. It was $65.”

“White jeans really pop. These are $50 at Topman, but I used to work there, so I paid $25.”

Travis Gumbs (right)
“This was on sale at the Gap for $20 or something ridiculous.”

“I like the small collar on this shirt. It was the Uniqlo collab with Opening Ceremony, on sale for $10!”

“This look is so muted that I wanted a busy tie, so I went for this plaid one I got for $6 on”

“These were 70 percent off at Nom de Guerre. Think it came out to $70 or so. I like Nom de Guerre because everything is very minimal.”

“The shoes are Fred Perry by Raf Simons and, like, the perfect cross between a loafer, a moc, and a sneaker.”