Billionaire Boys Club X Turnbull & Asser

Billionaire Boys Club x Turnbull & Asser

Made in England with a stamp of approval from the British royal family, Turnbull & Asser has been in the bespoke tailoring business since 1885, and its quality and experience is incomparable. Aside from being the official appointed shirt maker for the Prince of Wales, the heritage clothiers have outfitted some of history’s most important figures such as Sir Winston Churchill, and of course, Prince of Wales himself. Unlike other shirt makers, Turnbull & Asser is one of the few clothiers with significant presence in the fictional world as well, having been a favorite of James Bond (yes, Britain’s most lethal weapon) and Jay Gatsby (from The Great Gatsby). Billionaire Boys Club have tapped into the expertise and heritage of Turnbull & Asser this season by engaging the clothiers to tailor and co-produce a shirt. The regular fit button down features Turnbull & Asser’s fine craftsmanship and tailoring and is updated with BBC’s whimsical sense of urban humor. On the blue-striped button down, a small embroidered jet logo sails across the stripes and a graphic watch is printed over the left sleeve above the cuffs.

With a dose of BBC’s youthful energy, this shirt will have you blend into a pub, a slightly pretentious hotel lounge or even a dive bar while feeling like a king everywhere you go. via: hnyee