JGoods X Nike Dunk High SB “Mayer Hawthorne

JGoods x Nike Dunk High SB Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne’s sound is like the great American comfort food– pleasing and glides like honey for the ears. The singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist croons a soulful tune that fills room and surrounds its listener like a snug aural cocoon. While many tags his music as “retro” because of the heavy Motown sounds (Hawthorne was inspired by artists and producers such as Lamont Dozier (man behind The Supremes and The Four Tops), Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield) his music is actually every beat up to date and contemporary, and is more about progression than reissue. Coinciding with Hawthorne’s tunes and his retro styling (Hawthorne is often spotted in classic three-piece suits and vests are a must, with vintage glasses), JGoods customized a pair of Nike Dunk High Pro SB that fits impeccably with Hawthorne’s style.
The Nike Dunk High ProSB Creed is hand-painted with a light, summery Americana grace in a white, khaki and light stone palette. The shoes are simple and tonal, with an intricate earth tone plaid pattern on the heel panel. Mayer Hawthorne’s signature namesake logo is applied to the shoe’s rear quarter, then pagaed in a specially designed tweed box with a viewing window and the same Hawthorne logo screened on the top.

These shoes are produced one-off by JGoods himself exclusively for Hawthorne, and will never be made again. The design process has been recorded in a time-lapse video, so check it out and if you are feeling the colorway, perhaps the only place to get it is to watch the internet like a hawk. But even then, there’s no guarantee that these will ever appear anywhere else other than on Hawthorne’s feet or in his closet.

JGoods for Mayer Hawthorne from JGoods on Vimeo.

JGoods x Nike Dunk High SB Mayer HawthorneJGoods x Nike Dunk High SB Mayer HawthorneJGoods x Nike Dunk High SB Mayer HawthorneJGoods x Nike Dunk High SB Mayer HawthorneJGoods x Nike Dunk High SB Mayer Hawthorne