Switzer – Nissan GT-R P800

Switzer   Nissan GT R P800

In a perfect world, we should all we be able to own a fast sports cars. Well unfortunately the world is not so perfect and sports cars are not as affordable, let alone super cars. To make it interestingSwitzer have decided to take the latest Nissan GT-R and turn it into a real hardcore contender amongst some European rides.

The simplest way to make any object go fast is by performing two modifications, one to increase its power, and the other is to reduce its weight. So, these are what Switzer decided to do, and the result was quite stunning. The GT-R P800 is so named for its whooping 800 horse power, which also gives the GT-R P800 its impressive 700 pound feet of torque as well. New intercooler, air intakes, turbos and ceramic coated titanium exhaust system helps to improve its performance as well. Overall, the ride’s weight has been reduced by 200 pounds, as compared to the standard model GT-R. via: autoblog

Switzer   Nissan GT R P800Switzer   Nissan GT R P800Switzer   Nissan GT R P800Switzer   Nissan GT R P800