Scion X Theme Magazine – “Small Is Beautiful” Exhibition

Scion X Theme Magazine   Small Is Beautiful Exhibition

Wonderments on smaller scale, really small… Presenting by Theme Magazine and Scion, a collection of dioramas from artist Jeremy Mora, Lori Nix, Tracey Snelling, Dan Funderburgh, Ji Lee, and Josh Cochran. In conjunction with the release of Theme’s Art Collectors Issue, curated byWooster Collective, the magazine commissioned 6 artists to create a miniature world of through their perspective. Come and see why size is not an factor when it comes to creativity and imagination. The Scion x Theme Magazine – “Small Is Beautiful” Exhibition will open tonight at New York’sMurphy & Dine Gallery and be on display till this Sunday, May 16th. Admission is FREE and open to the general public.

Murphy & Dine Gallery
520 West 27th Street | Map
New York, NY 10001

Exhibition Date: May 12th (TODAY!) – May 16th (Sunday)

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