Biomega X PUMA – Pico Urban Mini BMX Bike

Biomega x PUMA   Pico Urban Mini BMX Bike

A creation from 2 forms, the new Pico Bike accentuate elements from a BMX, in reference to its handlebar, sloping top tube, and 20-inch wheels, along with a mini folding bike, in the forms of its elongated top tube and upright seating position. The goal was to design a bike agile yet forgiving in handling, to navigate through everyday obstacles in an urban setting. Produced by bike design firmBiomega for PUMA, the Pico takes on the athletic lifestyle giant’s central theme this year, Modern Africa, with vibrant colorways. Each also arrives with a sticker book for user to add on a few customize logos. The Pico Bike by Biomega and PUMA is currently available for sale at all PUMA retail locations and its official online store.