A.R.C. x Umbro “World Champions” Pop-Up Shop

A.R.C. x Umbro "World Champions" Pop-Up Shop

The Alife Rivington Club aligns with Umbro to create a “World Champions” pop-up shop for the duration of the World Cup. The pop-up shop will showcase the Umbro World Champions collection as well as an outdoor viewing space outfitted with multiple flat screens to broadcast live games from South Africa. The Umbro A.R.C. pop-up shop is located at 157 Rivington Street in New York City’s Lower East Side. The Umbro Champions Collection and other Umbro goods – such as the collaborative A.R.C. bottles and coozies seen above – are available at rivingtonclub.com.

More A.R.C. x Umbro “World Champions” Pop-Up Shop looks follow.