Coarse False Friends In Pain Edition

Coarse False Friends In Pain Edition


Coarse Toys presents their latest set of toys, entitled “False Friends in Pain”.

“This handcrafted and hand painted coarse original is limited to 88 pieces. The unique set contains a bleeding noop and his broken friend, paw!

The two hurt 13 inch resin figures are packed apart in individual wooden screen-printed boxes (standing and fallen) to underline the dramatic incident that irrevocably changed the friends’ lives. To prevent further injuries, both are safely packed in sponge. Figures come with a set of autumn alphabet leaves (c-o-a-r-s-e) and a blood puddle. The sets are signed and numbered and contain one family and friends application code card.”

The toys will be available from rotofugi from July 19th and from Coarse Toys from July 21st.

Detailed images of the toys follow after the jump.