KAWS x Lindsay Lohan x Complex August/September 2010 Issue

KAWS x Lindsay Lohan x Complex

Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of the August/September issue of Complex with supporting artwork provided by KAWS. Complex reports:

Lindsay Lohan has had a crazy couple of years months, and we found ourselves at the center of her personal drama after our August/September cover shoot ended up in the tabloids back in May. Fast forward a couple of manic months, and her legal woes are coming to a head (LL reports to prison tomorrow), so we consider ourselves lucky to be able to present this super-sexy photoshoot just to remind everyone of just how bad (meaning good!) Lindsay is. […] Unfortunately, Lindsay got caught up in the madness—Cannes, court, and conviction—before we had a chance to interview her, so we instead used the cover story to ask the question everyone’s forgetting: what’s it like to be LiLo right now?”

Check the KAWS x Lindsay Lohan x Complex behind the scenes video below:

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