Capsule Show 2010 – Rooftop Party | Event Recap Day at

Capsule Show 2010   Rooftop Party | Event Recap

If there was ever a setting to be the perfect allegory for the state of fashion market today, then last evening Capsule Show rooftop party would be the one. Lined with brilliant performances by DJ Jus Ske, the band Soft Circle, and Kitsune, the event, hosted by BPMW, bear resemblances to the current down trotted economy, the nagging rain drops and looming cumulonimbus clouds served as reminders of approaching storms.  Despite which, designers, vendors, retailers, strolled about the outdoor space leisurely, not the least bit ravel by the signs.  Indeed, this industry had its share of upheavals the last few years, the closures of prominent retailers, the bankruptcy of labels, and financial discords of designers.  Still, unfazed and unhindered by the challenges, the industry plows through, just as it had before and since. Long as there is a sense of camaraderie among all, every situation will be overcome. .  So raindrop? Storm clouds?  What about them?

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