Tembea Tote Bags

Tembea Tote Bags

Inspired by classic U.S. heavy duty tote bags, the Japanese brand Tembea presents a solid range of bags and pouches.

“Tembea is a tote bag label from Japan, its name meaning ‘carefree’. The label has been creating tote bag for eclectic objects such as French baguette, specific clothing items, book and newspaper. Made in canvas with wax finishing, the resulting material is durable beyond comparison. The seemingly tough material gradually softens and takes shape of its wearer over time, making each bag personal to its owner.

The Tembea series include Baguette Tote, Tote Bag, Book Tote, Wire Bag and Harvest Tote. Baguette Tote, as its name suggests, is for carrying French baguette sticks. The strap is made wider for supporting the structure, convenient for taking or putting away objects on the move. Wire Bag is inspired by traditional American hardware tool bag, and can be worn with or without a strap. The Book Tote is the favourite of THINK SILLY editorial, as it allows plenty of space for book and magazine storage. The handles are placed as such that a full bag can be easily lifted, making it a fine object for home and office. The tote is reinterpreted with delightful details such as canvas flap cover with string and extra strap for heavy-duty purposes. Inspired by farmers, the Harvest Tote is an oversize option with its width over half meter. The handle design is similar to Tote Bag, with a separate zip-up canvas bag — providing extra storage as well as protection. The combination of lemon zest yellow and white is refreshing to the eyes.”

The bags are now available at the Think Silly Store in Hong Kong.

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