ASR Market Place 2010 – Adidas Skateboarding – Spring 2011 | Preview

ASR Market Place 2010   adidas Skateboarding   Spring 2011 | Preview

Spotted at the Crossroads Retail Trade Show at ASR in San Diego today is adidas Skateboardingand their line up of Spring 2011 kicks. One of the interesting items we have seen is the adidas Skateboarding rendition of the adidas Originals by Originals kzk low-top. The adidas Skateboarding version mimics Kazuki Kuraishi’s popular black and white model, but is reworked by pro-skater and artist, Mark Gonzales. In true Gonzales fashion, the low-top skate shoes are simple but brightly colored, and the insoles feature special graphics created by Gonzales. Check out the preview of the line-up, and stay tuned for more information and detailed looks as we near the collection’s release.

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