ASR Market Place 2010 – Crossroads | The Decks, Ramps + More

ASR Market Place 2010   Crossroads | The Decks, Ramps + More

Only at a surf and skate trade show will there be ramps. A lot of ramps. At the outdoor portion ofASR, Crossroads, major skate labels such as Element Skateboards, Converse Skateboarding, adidas Skateboarding, DC, Spitfire and more have set up shop in tents a few blocks from San Diego Convention Center, where the rest of ASR resides. Element Skateboard has set up an interesting Dropspot Skate Obstacles area behind their booth where skaters can test out the label’s latest foldable, portable and interlockable skate obstacles. Then, Volcom and ASR have also put their two cents in and built a few ramps and set up some obstacles throughout Crossroads. Rather than a prim and proper trade show, it seems like Crossroads is more of a gathering of enthusiasts who are all down and ready to ride. The ramps at Crossroads will also be home to a skate competition tomorrow, which boasts a grand prize of $10,000. Honestly, having to sign a waiver before entering Crossroads should be good indication that this is not ye old regular trade show.

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