Nike Stadium – Nike SB Private Party Ft. Gucci Mane + Lil’ Kim | Event Recap

Nike Stadium   Nike SB Private Party Ft. Gucci Mane + Lil Kim | Event Recap

Oh My God! It’s a mosh pit!” gleefully screamed a group of attendants at last night’s private party for Paul Rodriguez and the Nike SB team. Indeed, it was a mosh pit at the urging of hip-hop star Gucci Mane as he took centerstage at Nike Stadium New York. A gathering of old and new, party goers saw the likes of Dave Oritz, Eric Elms, Alex of Supreme, Ray from Mighty Healthy. Graffiti icon Stash flew red-eye from Las Vegas just for the event. Another surprise visitor was James Jebbia, founder of Supreme, who swung by for a brief greeting.


The celebration was to mark the last day of Nike SB Team in the Big Apple, in part as an inauguration to P-Rod’s new signature shoe, the Nike Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4 (or Zoom P-Rod IVfor short), but mostly, it was meet and greet the thousands of fans that lined up Rucker Park, stores, and skate spots all over New York City the last 4 days. In addition, the event also marked the opening of a temporary Nike SB store featuring all of the P-Rod footwear and apparel collection.

Towards the end of the night, security had to tempered down the moshing when unannounced, Lil’ Kim pounced onto the stage for a brief duet. Indeed, it was a wild night to remember.

Nike SB Pop-Up Store – Nike Stadium New York
276 Bowery | Map
New York, NY 10012


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