Dr. Romanelli x Converse PRODUCT(RED) “Born In The USA” Chuck Taylor Cups Pack

Dr. Romanelli x Converse PRODUCT(RED) "Born In The USA" Chuck Taylor Cups Pack

We get an early look at the upcoming collaboration by Dr. Romanelli and Converse PRODUCT(RED). This time they worked on the all new Chuck Taylor All Star Cups. The “Born In The USA” Pack consists of two colorways of the high top sneaker, both featuring the American flag, one in a tonal black and the other one in the original colors.

“The attention-to-detail is pretty extreme on both pieces. Whether or not they’re to your tastes with regards to an everyday wear, if the overall intent is to embellish what both partners stand for, consider this a job well done. We love the Chuck Taylor. It’s somehow interwined into any subculture you care to name, and certainly any movement that’s close to our hearts. But we can deal with a spot of tinkering, because while it’s an undisputed design classic, there can be issues with comfort. All Star 2000s were cool, but they got a little too futuristic for the daily wear, but just as we once saw a vulc influx, we’re seeing a lot of our vulcanized favourites getting a cup sole, hence the introduction of the All Star Cup. Converted into a love letter to Americana with duck canvas, Stars and Stripes, eagle imagery and pea coat wool, we thought we’d get the patriotic lowdown on the genesis of this project.”

Look out for a release soon.

Many detailed images of the sneakers follow after the jump.