Jordan Melo M7 Jade


Following up on my first post on the then dubbed China Jordan Melo M7, we now have better insight into the background and detailing on the properly named, Jade Melo M7. Though the official name has changed, the Chinese inspiration remains the same. The Jade Melo M7 is inspired by the Jade stone which,

“is viewed as a sign of courage, purity, wisdom, loyalty, and kind-heartedness. However, when jade is first discovered it’s rough and unpolished. Only with time and work does it take the form of a precious gem. In celebration of Carmelo Anthony’s continued evolution, we’re releasing a “Jade” colorway for the new Jordan Melo M7 that is inspired by the virtues of jade. Through hard work over the years, ‘Melo has refined his game to be one of the most versatile and dangerous players in the league, and transformed himself from a raw kid in Baltimore to a global basketball superstar.

The jade coloring throughout the shoe and the outsole pays tribute to the gem itself, and the red laces represent China where jade is highly revered. A Chinese proverb is showcased on the outsole, translating to “if the jade is not polished, it will not be a gem”, or in the basketball world – “practice makes perfect”.

The Jade Jordan Melo M7 is set to release near the start of the season in China and select U.S. retailers