Adidas Originals – Zip P Coat

adidas Originals   Zip P Coat

This is not the first time adidas Originals has tackled the classic winter staple, the pea coat, and made it entirely, well, Original. Last year, Kazuki Kuraishi and NEIGHBORHOOD brought zippers into the nautical inspired Pea Coat, and this year, the zippers stayed, and so did the stripes on the cuffs, but the pea coat has been reinvented to a 2010 update. The new Zip P Coat, instead of featuring zipped pockets, features a zipper enclosure.

“But what about the buttons?”, some traditionalists might ask. Perhaps this is time to think of decorations as just, well, accouterments of happiness. Perhaps those double-breasted rows of buttons with little anchors are them don’t have to serve anything beyond aesthetic functions (besides, zippers are so much easier to work when one is wearing gloves in the winter). And so to continue proving the point of finding happiness in the details, a little tonal embroidered Trefoil reveals itself when the top of the coat is unzipped.

So here is to thoughtful details that serve the most important function of all– provide joy of discovery and happiness of knowing! Besides, luxury definitely lies in all the details that are there not for need, but for want. Available now at ZOZOTOWN.

adidas Originals   Zip P Coatadidas Originals   Zip P Coatadidas Originals   Zip P Coatadidas Originals   Zip P Coatadidas Originals   Zip P Coat