Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox iPod Dock

The Monster Beats By Dre Beatbox is an iPod and iPhone dock. This unit is built to be portable and powerful, with a built in carrying handle and a pair of 5.25 inch bass drivers. 2 inch drivers are also built in to make up the midrange. The cabinet is built to be placed in the corner and reverberate sound along the walls. Volume is managed from one track to another, with the volume of louder tracks automatically adjusted to match the rest. The volume bar on the docked device remains visible, enabling quick adjustment on the fly. A remote control is also included for track selection and volume control. get the rest of our review after the jump.

The good: Compact iPod/iPhone stereo system that delivers big sound; able to fill large rooms; edgy industrial design with minimalist styling; solid construction; big bass; convenient carrying handle.

The bad: No extra features; bass will rattle nearby objects; fairly pricey; wireless module is an optional accessory (with no specific price or due date); no battery option.

The bottom line: The Monster Beatbox may not deliver the most refined sonics, but if you’re looking for big, aggressive sound from a small box, this is the one you want.