ClipTouch for iPad allows for wireless Final Cut browsing

Factorial, a video software development company out of New Zealand, has released ClipTouch, a Final Cut Server client for the iPad that requires no configuration and allows users to present, share, collaborate on, or browse video clips. Users can add annotations, change metadata or review and approve clips. more after the jump

The program positions the iPad as a review tool as an alternative to more costly review workstations, and can work with Final Cut Server over Wi-Fi, 3G or direct and VPN connections. The program respects permission sets based on a user’s login and supports the default proxy setting. Clips can be presented full-screen or browsed, and timecode display can be included.

ClipTouch requires iOS 4.2 or later on the iPad, Final Cut Server v1.5.1 or later, a login defined on the server or in Open Directory (Active Directory not supported) and is available now from the App Store for $15