Sony NGP

Sony Playstation NGP

This week Sony has started showcasing first images of their new PSP aka NGP (Next Generation Portable), their new portable gaming device.

“Designed to blur the lines between interactive entertainment and reality, the NGP will offer Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity. The 5-inch OLED front multi-touch display will bring brilliant images to life and the multi-touch pad on the rear will allow users to engage with the game and characters with a simple movement of their fingertips.”

Most interesting is the announcement of Playstation Suite, a new service based on the Android operating system, which will be working on Playstation Suite compatible devices and on the NGP.

“Also announced this evening was PlayStation Suite, an entirely new initiative from PlayStation that will provide fans with the opportunity to enjoy PlayStation content on an open operating system for the first time in PlayStation history. PlayStation Suite will work with Android based, “PlayStation Certified” portable devices – including mobile phones, smart-phones, and tablet PCs – to offer “PlayStation quality” content to users worldwide. In addition to providing a selection of PS one Classics, we are also working with developers to create new and exciting content that will be available on both PlayStation Certified devices and the new NGP when it comes to market”

More detailed images of the device follow after the jump.