Call Of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike | Grudge Match With Arian Foster & Maurice Jones-Drew

Call of Duty: Black Ops   First Strike | Grudge Match With Arian Foster & Maurice Jones Drew

With all eyes fixated on Super Bowl XLV in Dallas Cowboys Stadium this weekend, the rest of theNFL organization is taking much-needed R&R. This meant only 1 thing for Arian Foster (Houston Texans) and Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars), to horn their skills on Call of Duty: Black Ops. The 7th installment to the first person shooter franchise, Black Ops broke all previous record with 5.6 million units sold within the first 24 hours of its release. From its launch on November 9th , 2010 to December 22nd, 2010, the title accumulated $1 billion dollars in sales worldwide, outperformed its counterparts in music and movie released during the same time period.

Keen on testing out its first downloadable content, with 5 new battle stages: Berlin Wall, Stadium, Discovery, Kowloon, and Ascension, an updated version of fans favorite “zombie mode”, game developer Treyarch and Activision hosted a grudge match led by Foster and Jones-Drew over the week. After a brief meet & greet session between all competitors, the 2 football players with their selected teammates ventured into a faux command bunker on Activision’s Santa Monica sprawling campus. There, with controllers and headsets at the ready, battle for ultimate bragging right started. When the intense session ended, tense cleared the concrete room, most involved respectfully declined to say who won with the exception that the outcome was somewhat unexpected. Whatever the case might be, you can try the new downloadable content, code name Call of Duty: Black Ops – First Strike, on Xbox LIVE Marketplace now. Who knows, you might just go head-to-head with Foster and Jones-Drew one of these days, without the benefit of the faux command bunker of course.

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